The Worlds Largest Model Railroad Or Is It?

Is Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg the largest model railway in the world? They claim it is and that it is one of the most successful permanent exhibitions in Northern Germany. Watch this video and be amazed…

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17 Responses to The Worlds Largest Model Railroad Or Is It?

  1. colin hunter says:

    excellent video of German layout. Please note my new e-mail address.
    Will catch up later,just now having a couple of days with friends

  2. Tamlyn Mansfield says:

    Amazing detail and I am so impressed I decided we must see it before we start our new layout!

  3. Joe H says:

    Great video. Thanks for providing the link. Have a great day!

  4. Harold Shevitz says:

    Absolutely amazing. What a marvelous project

  5. juan santana says:

    great information and a wonderful video

  6. Derek Nielsen says:

    Do you know of the guy in Osoyoos British Columbia Canada. He also has an amazing set up all done in European style trains etc. Not as large, but as spectacular. If you know great, if not reply and I will get his name. Thanx, Derek

  7. jmio42 says:

    you have no idea how much you have helped me already. I began to get really frustraited until I read your info. now I can change my way of planning my model railroad.

  8. Robert Moore says:

    Here I thought that Chicago, ILL. had a well detailed layout at there Science + Industry Museum where you can, Witness 30-plus trains run on 1,400 feet of winding track from Seattle to Chicago. Here is were you can see it. I didn’t see any video of the lay out they do have stills. But I do have to say the lay out in Germany is by far out of this world.
    Thanks Robert

  9. rex hatton says:

    ive seen the layout in Berlin and even they said the Hamburg layout is bigger. the Berlin layout was simply mesmorizing Berlin layout was a Germany landscape and the airport was amazing

  10. I’ve never seen such a large train set!! Really loved the video and so did my Grandson J.D. . We are just getting started . Your book you sent us (7 mistakes) really helped . I was going to buy a set to start with untill I read your book. Thanks you saved me a lot of headaches . Your train bud .

  11. DarwinIan says:

    That’s sure going to be on my itinerary if I ever get back to Germany!

  12. rex hatton says:

    ive seen the layout in Berlin and was there for 3 hours and i didnt want to leave as i was mesmorized. next year 2012 were in Hamburg especially to see this layout in the video. its amazing how much money some people spend on model trains. and a total inspiration

  13. Norman Lawrence says:

    Last time I checked, the Guiness book of world records listed Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey, USA as the worlds largest indoor model railroad with over 10,000 feet of HO track. One can easily spend an entire day there. The “fast” tour takes about 3 1/2 hours but you do miss a lot of the details.

  14. Stephen Dollahan says:

    Very Amazing great layout. Stunning scenery and fantastic trains. another layout to check out is called Alpen Rail in Hobart Tasmania. It’s based on the Swiss National Railways Around Mount Eiger and is done in “scale” O guage.

  15. John Gibney says:

    Ive always been a wooden ship builder, but always wanted to get into trains. I had no idea how complex and wonderfull it could be. The setup in the video is beyond discription. I am hooked!

  16. Chris Johnston says:

    Northlandz, in New Jersey, also claims to be the World’s Largest Model Railroad, complete with a little Guiness World Record medallion on their home page.
    But then I went to the Guiness website, and searched for “model railroad”, but came up with “0 Results”!
    Odd, that.
    Soooo, who’s the actual winner here?

  17. ADRIAN BATES says:

    i live in East Yorkshire England. Are there any tour companies who have arranged holidays to include this exhibition?

    A C Bates

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