The Secret To Cheap Model Railroading

Almost every day I get emails from people complaining about how expensive model railroading is.

After a few emails back and forth, I find out that they are either paying full retail for everything they need, or they are just not being creative by making their own stuff.

Joining a model train club is the easiest way to get equipment at a fraction of the price, but I realize that there are a lot of people who live a long way away from a model train club.

So, the next best solution is eBay.

There are hundreds of our readers who have saved up to 70% by buying on eBay.

Every day people are listing model train stuff on eBay without knowing the real value of what they are selling. Fully equipped locomotives to complete model train layouts are being sold for a fraction of the retail price…

The trick is to do your research. You must know what you want to buy and what the cost is in the hobby shop. That way you are an educated buyer.

The next trick is to check the sellers reputation. eBay does a very good job with their feedback system. I won’t buy from anyone that has less than 100 feedback and a 100% positive feedback.

Sellers are very protective of their positive feedback so they will want to keep it at 100%.

Sometimes if the seller has more than 500 feedback, I’ll accept a 98% positive because I know from my days of high volume eBay sales that it is incredibly hard to keep hundreds of people 100% happy. There is always someone that may be in a bad mood one day and give you negative feedback, about the most trivial matter.

Just the other day my Wife bought a pair of shoes on eBay. They were sent from the US to Australia, but when they arrived the trim on the shoe was a different color to the picture on the auction. She questioned the seller and the seller promptly refunded the U$62 for the shoes and said to keep them.

This seller had over 1,000 feedback with 100% positive. Refunding the $62 was worth it to keep the 100% feedback.

Another problem with eBay is being outbid at the last minute. The experienced eBayer will wait to the last 90 seconds before they place their bid. This frustrated me until I found Powersnipe.

Powersnipe bids for you in the closing seconds of the auction. You set the maximum you want to pay. You can read about Powersnipe at

Try eBay and save some money… Model Railroading doesn’t have to be expensive.

Looking for model train equipment at heavily discounted prices? Check this resource out…

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