The Fat Finger Syndrome With Model Trains

A reader emailed asking how they could get past the fat finger syndrome… when trying to hold and work on their model train models.

turntable by RubbermaidThe answer is a simple Rubbermaid turntable. These come in different sizes and I find them perfect to build my models on… turning the turntable as I go along.

When I’m building very large buildings I’ll take a piece of plywood and put it onto the turntable, so the base is bigger and then model on the plywood. They are available from any home wares type shop.

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  1. Dan says:

    Another idea is to use an old wooden bar stool. Sit a piece of plywood on the stool top… it turns easily on the varnished surface… then in the center of the plywood, screw a wood screw through the plywood into the stool, leaving it lose enough for the plywood to turn. The height is perfect if you then sit in a standard office type chair, with castors, to work on your model.

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