Scale HO Train Layout

Another video of our trains and houses

Duration : 0:4:28

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14 Responses to Scale HO Train Layout

  1. mrdodododo says:

    Dcc Right? because …
    Dcc Right? because it sure looks like Dcc, and how much are dcc locos and controllers together most of the time?

  2. SD60mike says:

    Hey man try to get …
    Hey man try to get a shot of the entire layout from the top so we can see the track layout. It looks like a good track plan.

  3. killthemonkey4evr says:

    how big is your …
    how big is your attic or basement whatever that is in….

  4. Peonygreenleaf says:

    Me and my BF are …
    Me and my BF are rebuilding the train layout in my basement here..I’m designing a new block signalling / train control system all computer driven (with DCC) based off the design used by a real railroad.
    Were going off the Montana Raillink track map for Helena Mt.. So it will be a MRL / BNSF layout when its done ..if it ever gets done.
    Hopefull I can post it on here in the future

  5. jerseydrummer69 says:

    cool, it looks like …
    cool, it looks like it’s going to be very impressive, great job.

  6. CheyJBfan1 says:

    I like the sante …
    I like the sante fe .

  7. lissasbob says:

    man of constant …
    man of constant sorrow

  8. Espeelover says:

    what radius curves …
    what radius curves are these? And are they bachman EZ-track?

  9. boo7297 says:

    what song?
    what song?

  10. CAPTAINQUINN says:

    monster …
    monster layout.bravo!

  11. jrhair says:

    24ft long 8ft wide. …
    24ft long 8ft wide. Just took the whole thing down for a remodel of the basement

  12. cockerspaniel25 says:

    nice engine….how …
    nice engine….how big is this layout…just about????

  13. jrhair says:

    on ebay do a search …
    on ebay do a search for bachman dcc bnsf

  14. BNSFME says:

    Where did you get …
    Where did you get the dash 8 bnsf’s There awesome.

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