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The history of model trains dates back to almost a century.

The first ever model trains were created in the Victorian era.

These depict the history and details of trains all over the world.

One can find various model-train clubs as well as organizations with a huge collection of toy model trains.

Initially, the model trains used to run on a mechanism that is the same as a clock and later on these were powered by electricity or steam.

Types of Model Trains

One can find various types of model trains portraying the various types ever built.

These models range from old-style steam engines to latest and modern diesel ones.

A model train can be categorized according to the width and features of the tracks.

The difference lies in the manufacturing of these tracks and hence, these are not substitutable.

The gauge or size of tracks means the size of tracks between the two rail tracks.

There are basically four most common scales for model trains which are G, O, HO and N.

Model Trains and their Exclusive Designs

Each model train is exclusive in its design and features, the reason being that each manufacturer tries to build his model in a way that is different from the others.

You may find models with two rails as well as three rails, all depending on the manufacturer.

One can find players like Lionel and American flyer in the model train market.

The setup is so elaborate and extensive that one can find minute details such as tunnels, mountains, bridges, cattle car, and buildings etc.

Model Train Enthusiasts

There are enthusiasts that can go to any extent to setup the model train environment.

Though these setups take up a lot of space, but one can have a multilayered setup in such situations.

The basic sets are small, but the hobbyists do not compromise on their interests and hardly stay with the beginner and basic sets.

Seeing the passion for model trains, one can hardly tell that they were designed to cater to children needs for toys.

The buyers and fans of these models are adults basically.

The hobby for model trains is more than just collecting locomotives, it’s about building reality. It includes setting up scenery as well as learning the history and details of the trains.

It is truly a fun activity to develop the scenery and include dramatic effects such as ponds, lakes, streams, bridge, fields and meadows etc. The track can be set up in a loop, oval shape or figure eight etc.

The most preferred shape is to lay the track in a wide curve.

So, if you want some really exciting and creative hobby, go for collecting model trains, as it is a very involving and enjoyable hobby. You can also fascinate your kids or grand kids with this beautiful setup and provide them with the knowledge and history of trains.

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