Create your own Scenery : Making a Coal Load

One of the things that I love about the model railroading community is how they come up with their own little tricks and techniques to make their layouts more realistic.

From using twigs and moss to make trees and bushes, to using kitty litter to create gravel, there are so many ways in which you can make your own realistic scenery for your layout.

In the following 2 videos, kgeorgeson shows us a nice little tutorial on how he makes his own coal loads for his rolling stock.


If you have any interesting tips and tricks, then please leave them in the comments below.

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Making a Simple Table Top for your Model Railway

One of the first challenges that faces all new model railroaders is what are you going to build your layout on. While you can easily go out and buy a table to use, many people decide to make their own as its a great way to keep costs down, as well as building a table that fits perfectly in the space that you have available.

While you can build the whole table from scratch, this video from Gardentrains shows a great way to build your table using the plastic shelving units which you can find in most home improvement stores. 

Other than being extremely easy to make, the next huge advantage of this method is there is no waste of materials.If you ever need to take it down you will have some great shelving to use for storage afterwards. 

While this video talks in terms of large scale garden trains, you can use this method for any scale.

Take a look.

It’s not the shelving units mentioned in the video, but I’ve found a cheaper and stronger alternative here.


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Model Railroad Track Weathering Made Easy

If you are a beginner at model railroading and are looking for a simple and effective way to add weathering to the tracks on your layout, then look no further than the Track Painters available from Woodland Scenics.

Available in 3 authentic track weathering colours (Rusty Rail, Steel Rail, and Weathered Tie) these paint pens can be used on any scale of track, before or after its installation. They are so simple to use that anyone can produce realistically weathered tracks. 

Have a look at the video below to see just how easy it is

Unlike other ways of weathering track there is no clean-up required, you just need to put the lids back on.

Available from Amazon

Available from eBay


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Model Train Review: Lionel Southern Crescent Limited

You have to love Eric for making these great video reviews.

With so many amazing trains out there, they can so easily slip you by if you take your eyes off the train catalogues or don’t get into your local hobby shop often enough.

In this review Eric has a look at Lionel’s new Legacy Equipped Southern Crescent Limited 4-6-2 Pacific.

So sit back for 15 minutes and enjoy another great review from Eric.

Buy one



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Model Train Layout: Creating a Scene

One of the best parts of model railroading is that you are able to build your own little world (or not so little depending on the space that you have available).

One of my absolute favourite layouts (which I would love to see in person) comes courtesy of Laurie.

In this video, Laurie gives us a tour of his layout, while showing us how he uses his scenery to create a layout which appears larger than it actually is.

Sit back and enjoy the video

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Model Railroading: Building an imaginary world

I was recently asked by my nephew if I was familiar with a show called Adventures in Willoughby. To be honest I had never heard of it, but he thought that it would be something that would peak my interest as it contains a model railroad. Upon doing some research I found that the show is in fact an educational programme for children which (in the makers own words) aims to empower children in creativity through model railroading. 

I’m happy to see that there are shows like this (as well as my firm favourite, Thomas the Tank Engine) which will no doubt ignite a passion for model railroading in the children of today, who will then become the model railroaders of tomorrow.

Anyway, the reason I brought up Adventures in Willoughby is because while looking into the show I found a great video in which the shows creator, Mark Bresher, shows us how the layout was made from the ground up over the course of a year. In the video there are some great tips on track laying and scenery making.

The video is 30 minutes, so best make yourself a nice cup of tea before clicking play.


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Model Train Review: O Scale Lionel C&O 2-6-6-2 Mallet

Here is a video review of the O scale Lionel C&O 2-6-6-2 Mallet.

This is an incredibly detailed steam locomotive in O scale with some great features and sound, including one of the best whistle steam smoke effects currently available from Lionel.

Watch the video for another great review by Eric. Click the video to play and turn up your sound…

>> Lionel O Scale C&O 2-6-6-2 Mallet
>> Lionel O Scale Trains

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CMX Track Cleaning Wagon Demonstration

If you are looking for a high quality track cleaning wagon then you should consider the CMX track cleaning wagon.

This wagon is especially good for cleaning track inside tunnels. It is an effecient cleaning wagon so will only need to be used once a month, or maybe even once every 6 weeks, depending on your layout and environment.

It is available in HO, N, O scale from

Enjoy the video demonstrations…

O-Scale – Track Cleaning Wagon Demonstration


HO-Scale – Track Cleaning Wagon Demonstration

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How To Build Model Train Platforms

If you’ve been wondering how to build a model train platform, have a look at the video below.

The roughened platform look can be easily achieved with a coat of paint, sprinkling on some fine sand and then painting again. Have a look…


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How To Clean Model Train Tracks And Model Train Wheels

Woodland Scenics have come out with a great product to clean your model train tracks and model train wheels. It’s called the Tidy Track Rail & Wheel Maintenance System.

Dirty tracks are a problem for most model railroaders especially when they don’t run their trains for a long time. Woodland Scenics have the perfect solution to get rid of the dust on your rails and maintain your model train tracks and wheels.

Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments below…

>> Get The Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit Here

>> Get The Roto Wheel Cleaner Here

>> Woodland Scenics Track Cleaner


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