Modellbahn Club Kiel(5): Big HO Model Railway Layout scenery railroad toy trains

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These are several short video clips of the Model railroad club Kiel (Germany), filmed in December 2006.
Shown are these toy trains: Vossloh/MaK G2000, Russian-built East German BR 232, romanian-built BR219, Blue Tiger (BR 252), E18 and others.
Adventsvorführung des Modelleisenbahnclub Kiel aus dem Dezember 2006. Zu sehen sind u.a.: Vossloh/MaK G 2000, Ludmilla BR232, U-Boot BR 219, Blue Tiger (BR252), E 18


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Duration : 0:1:11

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25 Responses to Modellbahn Club Kiel(5): Big HO Model Railway Layout scenery railroad toy trains

  1. damnstraight2 says:

    does the track …
    does the track cleaning car work

  2. foesflyer says:

    i would love to …
    i would love to spend my time watching model trains going round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round andround and round and round and round. Then again maybe I would rather have a life, drink beer, party date women,

  3. dteide says:

    Ich liebe, vor …
    Ich liebe, vor allem, dass die Auflagen sind. Grüsse aus Spanien.

  4. cpfanta2006 says:

    in begin look real …
    in begin look real lol !

  5. flexspinner says:

    awsome layout man
    awsome layout man

  6. TravelingColeberrys says:

    Is That Deutsche …
    Is That Deutsche Bahn??

  7. NThusiast says:

    several years, and …
    several years, and it still isn´t completed …

  8. 4everremember911 says:

    thats so cool how …
    thats so cool how long did it take to build it?

  9. love2seeum294 says:

    Take me to great …
    Take me to great climax honey!!!!


  10. moha140k849 says:

    blonde girl of your …
    blonde girl of your dreams..wanna see me naked?


  11. thick1683l850 says:

    I’m hungry, wanna …
    I’m hungry, wanna eat some hotdog!!!


  12. salazl500 says:

    I know you wanna …
    I know you wanna check this gorgeous butt


  13. Voidchaser says:

    this is a serious …
    this is a serious hobby


  14. freerollinsk8er says:

    lol same XD
    lol same XD

  15. raficoo says:

    Dam in the …
    Dam in the beginning of the video i thought that train was real lol xD

  16. albula642 says:


  17. NThusiast says:

    it´s from Mehano I …
    it´s from Mehano I think. Look at Ebay.

  18. albula642 says:

    And which company …
    And which company sells the lokomotive in H0~?

  19. NThusiast says:

    That is a “Blue …
    That is a “Blue Tiger”: originally these locos were developed for Indonesia by ADtranz (today Bombardier) and General Electric. In Germany they run as class 250 and are operated by several private railroad companies.

  20. albula642 says:

    What lokomotive is …
    What lokomotive is passing at 0:49?

  21. beeandhoney says:

    i like trains

    i like trains
    hope to own one of these trains

  22. DiogoTony says:

    Amazing and nice; …
    Amazing and nice; This maket is fantastic

  23. templedread says:

    Uau! Your …
    Uau! Your modelrailroad videos are excelent!

  24. richa8685 says:

    wonderful scenic …
    wonderful scenic job, very nice , and worth the hard work im sure, well done!

  25. BipedalMammal says:

    “Get a life”?

    “Get a life”?

    You’re on Youtube, just like us. Your time can’t be all that precious.

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