Model Trains For Beginners Is Reversing The Decline In Model Railroading

Model Trains For Beginners has been on a mission since 2008 to reverse the decline in model Railroading.

Dan Morgan of says that the kids of today are missing out because a video game will never give you as much pleasure as planning, building and constructing a working model railroad. We live in an instant gratification age where the kids want to take the wrapping off a package and be playing in 2 minutes… So, it’s up to us as parents and grandparents to show them what they are missing out on. reported on the decline in model railroading with members of the West Fargo Club…


Don Radeck – Spud Valley Model Railroad: “I look forward to Tuesday nights coming out here, and we model railroad, and we talk about trains and trains we saw over the week.”

In recent years those numbers on Tuesday night are dropping, and fewer young people are showing up.

Don Radeck: “A lot of it’s the electronic age, it’s easier to sit at the computer screen and play video games and stuff like that I see that with my own son”

Some of the decline may also have to do with the real railroads they’re based on. 
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