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I often get emails from beginners to model trains with their stories of how they wasted money by buying products recommended by unskilled hobby store sales people, and after reading Model Trains for Beginners realize they should have set up their model railroad a completely different way.

It worries me, because some of these poor people don’t ever get the right advice and give up on the hobby… And probably tell their friends it’s an expensive and frustrating hobby.

Now, in the defence of the local hobby store, times are tough. Sometimes they are forced to hire less expensive staff and most times they sell a wide variety of hobby equipment. So, it is challenging to find the right employee, for the right price, with the right amount of information about all the hobby equipment they sell.

That was the entire reason for creating Model Trains for Beginners. Beginners need a step by step approach to building their dream model railroad, and at $27 it is a cheaper alternative to all of the mistakes I have heard about.

I would love to hear your thoughts…


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