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“If Only I Had Known About This Before…

I Would Have Saved Hundreds (If Not Thousands) of Dollars…
AND Eliminated Many Hours Of Frustration!”

If you are thinking about building a model train layout, or are an advanced modeler, I’m extremely relieved that you’ve found my blog. I have spent 27 years in the “World’s Best Hobby” and I will most certainly save you money, as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

Dan Morgan

My name is Dan Morgan and like many other “advanced” model train enthusiasts I have been through the highs and lows of model trains. This is information that will certainly benefit any other enthusiast.

Over the years I could not count the number of frustrating hours I spent repairing tracks that derailed trains, repairing shorts created by a bad design (which sometimes resulted in blown equipment, which cost even more money to repair) and reconfiguring layouts that were not thought out properly.

There were times when I wanted to give the hobby away… I would get very frustrated!

I would ask my local hobby shop for advice… but later realized that they were just trying to sell what they had in stock!

I researched ideas, tips and tricks on the internet only to find out that I wasted more time researching and often the ideas conflicted with each other.

Then I came across Model Trains for Beginners

I had never heard of this down-loadable book and was skeptical at first. The sales page promised the answers to all of my model train questions and much more.

I had spent so much time and money on model trains that another US$27 was not going to make any difference. There was a 60 day money back guarantee… So I figured that if the ebook wasn’t any good I would request a refund immediately.

Well I was presently surprised!

Not only did it answer my questions… but it gave me more than 100 pages of incredible information. I’m sure I could have found out some of this stuff eventually, by browsing the internet for a few months, or years!

So to spend the US$27 was an absolute no-brainer, for me!

I was already an advanced modeler, but I got an enormous amount of information from this ebook. For any beginner… this is an absolute “must have” ebook. The information is invaluable and provides everything from deciding what scale to collect, deciding on a layout, which brands to use, how to maintain your system and so much more.

I know you will save hundreds of dollars, and probably hundreds of hours of frustration with Model Trains for Beginners. If I had known about this ebook before, my hobby would have been so much more enjoyable and cheaper.

Enjoy your model trains!


Dan Morgan

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