Model Railway Built Just Under The Ceiling

This story is for the model railroaders that believe they don’t have the space… It’s a great solution.

Thanks to Sean Lynch of Arnprior Ontario, Canada for providing these great pictures of his model train layout.

This is what Sean had to say…

I remodeled the basement over the winter, so the large model railway had to go. Given the smaller space available for a new model train layout, I went to 5 x 9 and went up instead of out.

My new model train layout, which is still a work in progress, is 5 x 9 (table tennis size) using a standard fastrack layout with a few variations, including a second level of track supported by homemade trestles of various heights.

All of my layout pieces are fashioned from “Dollar Store” popsicle sticks and foam-core, other than the Lionel accessories.

The real party piece is the ceiling railroad I constructed around the room… Enjoy the pictures.










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