Model Railroading in India

Model railroading in India can be very challenging, because there is absolutely no model railroading equipment available.


And… the currency difference makes it very expensive to import model railroading equipment from the US or Australia.


So, how does a passionate model railroader in Bangalore, India fulfilll his passion? This is how Walia managed…


My name is Walia A.S.  I am living in Bangalore (India). As such in India railroad hobby materials are not available so what I was able to collect the things from here & there. I have made this railroad model layout. This is 2’ x 7’ in size.




Train Miniature World is made from household items like straws, waste papers, screw caps, can lids, left over ice cream spoons and organic paint. I had a vision to make this simple and with bare minimum tools like Screw driver, Cutting plyer, Hexa blade and teeth knife. It took around 4-5 months of my free time.This Model had a mini Railway Station, Signal Lights, Tracks and Cross over, Tunnels, bridges, Roads and Toy Cars


It just shows what can be achieved with some desire, creativity and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!


Thanks Walia for sharing your model railroading story.

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