Model Railroader Shares Clip Of HO Model Trains In Desert Model trains speed through desert scenery on model railroad layout. Amazing to watch. This unique HO scale railway layout is in an Australian railroad museum.

Duration : 0:1:50

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25 Responses to Model Railroader Shares Clip Of HO Model Trains In Desert

  1. crazyprototype says:

    at the ipswich …
    at the ipswich trainworks right?coz i went there and i was amazed.

  2. ChillerBaggins says:

    Get a smooth …
    Get a smooth panning tripod for the camera and do a few runs through’s first. No talking unless it’s of importance to the scene.

    Otherwise great .. Layout of model is also great with attention to detail, notice particularly the homes and Aussie scrub and dirt.

  3. Qbase08 says:

    Can any tell me …
    Can any tell me where to find QR frieght models? Im from sydney and no one at anystore could help

  4. helicopter1996 says:

    thats pretty cool
    thats pretty cool

  5. trainguy92 says:

    Its an awesome …
    Its an awesome layout. I have been there, great model.

  6. modeltrainstuffcom says:

    Nice trains!
    Nice trains!

  7. indycar101 says:

    Good to see ( …
    Good to see (Aussies)on YouTube! Supper down under Rail Road! Keep them coming. My grandbabies and I will be looking for more. Thanks for sharing!
    US Retired Engineer.

  8. gramophoneshane says:

    Wow! Queensland …
    Wow! Queensland rail on youtube. Great to see!

  9. geordiesu says:

    a bit shaky,but …
    a bit shaky,but good.

  10. RobertRailroad says:

    There are lots of …
    There are lots of excellent model train suppliers on the net.

  11. zackb95 says:

    were do you get …
    were do you get this train set stuff at

  12. Benske3 says:

    I seen this layout! …
    I seen this layout! It’s so cool, especially the 3500 class on coal trains and the SMU fanging around-I think it’s an SMU-and the four different scenes. Great video!

  13. Jerram89 says:

    I think this is DCC …
    I think this is DCC – explains the sound effects

  14. Jerram89 says:

    pretty much – only …
    pretty much – only difference is the lower platform heights of the UK I think.

  15. AmericanScamp says:

    Thanks for posting. …
    Thanks for posting…my 3 year old loved it!
    Mike Collingswood, NJ, 08108, USA

  16. dharmamark says:

    Like it! Terrific …
    Like it! Terrific layout!

  17. 26004 says:


  18. RobertRailroad says:

    OO is UK , HO usa
    OO is UK , HO usa

  19. graffitiandrew says:


  20. gruffles45 says:

    nice red and yellow …
    nice red and yellow locomotive

  21. Santaanacanyon says:

    The camera could be …
    The camera could be more steady in the pan shots, BUT, I LIKE this video. A good railroad and a good railroad video.

  22. ProjectM555 says:

    Lots of detail. …
    Lots of detail. With my ADD i would never be able…….

    Look a puppy…

  23. daniel364 says:

    how do you get that …
    how do you get that great scenery? good job

  24. romanowskistudios says:

    Very nice!
    Very nice!

  25. QRhuggies says:

    Some nice footage …
    Some nice footage of Queensland Railway models.

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