Model Railroad Track Plans – Things You Need To Consider

In order to build a model railway, you should first create a model railroad track plan.

The railroad track can be prepared in any number of ways but it is all dependent on the detail of your initial layout.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you want a three dimensional landscape which can become more complex if you are going to include sloping landscapes and mountains.

For instance, you may want your train to run up the side of a mountain or through a tunnel which, if not properly planned in the layout, may cause unnecessary difficulties.

You can use online resources to gather information you need to create a model railroad track plan.

You don’t have to follow the plans precisely but studying them can give you a good grasp of what it’s going to take to get your project up and running.

Using a good plan as reference can at least help you to make an effective model.

If you are having difficulties using online track plans either because they are not the appropriate style or size you want then you can always make your own plans on your computer.

There is software available for just this purpose.

They will allow you to design your own custom railroad and gives you control over your trains from the computer or to simulate the operation of them.

The software gives you a grid pattern to begin with and from there you simply drag and drop. For instance, if you want a straight section of track, click on the pallet to the side and drag into position.

It’s that simple plus good software will provide tips and will prompt you. Many of these software even come with preloaded railroad plans just in case you don’t want to start from scratch or if you are looking for a little inspiration to get your engine going.

The benchwork is the fundamental aspect of a track plan. This will determine the size of your scenery and whether or not it is mobile. If you will be requiring your benchwork to move from one location to another such as taking it to tradeshows, you will have to ensure that it can be pulled apart.

The bottom portion of the benchwork usually houses wires which control the model train’s movements. If you aren’t using a DCC control then chances are you just have the use of an on/off switch to control various track sections. Another option is a steam powered engine and some very early models were even powered by oil.

Whatever the source of power, the benchwork needs to be constructed around the power supply. You have to be careful about planning properly. This can determine whether or not your train works how it’s suppose to. If you have to consult an expert then do so.

Experts are usually willing and definitely able to revise your model railroad track plans for you.

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