Model Railroad Scenery And Ballasting Tip

Thanks to Thomas Brickner for providing these model railroad scenery tips…

When mixing plaster or any sort of water based hard shell scenery, if you add some tempra paint color to the mix you will already have precolored rocks and lanscape.

If you carve or chip these rocks or landscape you won’t have white spots that have to be recolored.

Also, to avoid a big mess on your rails when ballasting try this…

Use resinal powdered adhesive and mix it with your ballast (about 3 or 4 to 1).

Spread the ballast and powdered glue mix on your track, then wipe your rails with a clean dry cloth.

Next, spray a water alcohol mix on the ballast. This will wet the ballast and dry glue mix which when dry saves having to fool around with eye droppers and this stuff really holds.

Also, you can do a bang up job of ballasting turn-outs this way.

Do you have any model railroading tips you would like to share. If so, please send them to modeltrainsforbeginners @

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