Model Railroad Magazines And Other Sources Of Model Railway Inspiration And Ideas

Both kids and adults have enjoyed the hobby of building and playing with model railroads and trains for years.

Model railroad magazines provide an avenue for which to meet those model railroad enthusiasts by publishing events and clubs.

The magazines are also a source of other information such as the various sets you can build and collect as well as other aspects of the hobby.

If you were one of those children that had an electric train growing up and now you have your own children that you want to share the excitement you felt of owning a model train set with, then a great place to reacquaint yourself with all the different areas of running a model railroad is with a model railroad magazine.

Because this particular hobby can be a little overwhelming and for some even daunting when they initially start out, you will have to learn some important areas of model railroading. If you really want to pass the tradition along to others then you must know what you are doing first.

Things such as history come into play when you want to give accurate interpretations of your model. For instance, you love steam engines but did you know what era in history they were popular? You would not want to build a model around a steam engine train that was historically inaccurate would you? What about the technical aspect of model trains like benchwork and wiring? These too are just as important to the model railroader.

For this reason, you have to learn these fundamentals before you start building and constructing and making purchases. Get the full understanding of what it is that you will be doing first. Decisions have to be made about the layout of your model.

You can subscribe to model railroad magazines to help you gather all the information you need including a model railroad plan that you can recreate. A lot of libraries have these types of model railway magazines available that you can access for free.

A very popular magazine is the Model Railroader which began publication in 1910. Use these resources to help guide you when you are in the planning phase and they can offer you ideas as well when you get to the actual construction and design stage of your modeling.

Here are some tips to follow:

1) What kind of information are you looking for from a model railroad magazine?

This is an important thing to consider because they usually specialize in different areas. For example, some focus on the value of collector sets, some give ideas on how to build your own train table and others publish historical information. A very useful place to get all of this information and more is where you can shop around for a variety of magazines on the topic.

2) Another way to find the right model train magazine that best suits your needs is with a magazine index such as Mr. Mag.

Here, you use keywords based on what you need in order to find the magazine which focuses on your particular area of model railroading.

3) You can also ask your local hobby store.

Chances are they can point you in the right direction or may even have a few magazines that they may let you browse through or possibly borrow. Just remember to consider the age of the targeted reader when deciding on the right magazine.

4) The great thing about technology is the internet where you can find and view online train magazines to get a preview before you run out and subscribe to them.

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