Model Railroad Based On The Old West Era

Thanks to Chris Myers of Sana Angelo (Republic of Texas) for sharing these photos of his amazingly well detailed model railroad.

Here is what Chris had to say about his model train layout…

It’s true, there’s no train here yet…but there is a train (Engine, Tender, & Caboose as of now) in my den.  This is step 5 (?) “Town With Lights.”

This is “Concho River City” (San Angelo 1878) as it was developing during the “Old West Era.”

25/28mm figures correspond to S Scale – from many companies – hand painted.

The train is On30.

Many buildings are scratch build (The Butcher Shop is mine and I had to make the “beef” myself) some are kits, and some are Hawthorne Village Collection with added lights.

Have fun looking!



People are what make Concho River City REAL. In “Back Alley” we see children playing, but adults lost in thought.



“Concho Street” is Main Street with a stage coach loading, Mexican men talking on the right, Mexican woman and girl on the left. The adobe and bath house are scratch built. Lots of small groups here with lots going on.



“Butcher Shop” is mine. What do you think of the clouds?



“Hotel Menu” shows a young woman just trying to make a living. She’s standing in front of the Hotel with horses to her left and her boss looking on from the door. It took three days to make the menu board legible. There’s a piano player and singer farther left.



“Lanterns” shows my wire, bead, and rice light lanterns on OK Corral and Sheriff’s Office. That’s me on the horse tipping my hat to my wife in front of our house. Birds are flying…



“Second Street” is residential with goats, boarding house, drunks and farmers. The boarding house is entirely my own.



“South Concho” shows all the chaos of a business district. Dry goods are piled on docks which come out into the street. This stopped street racing (with horses) and made it easier to load goods onto wagons. Sporting women are out bathing on top of the hotel. Law Enforcement is out in force and the gunsmith looks worried. The well is the center of town.




Thanks to Chris for sharing these great photos, they will give many people ideas and inspiration.

Please comment below and tell Chris what you think!

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