Making a Simple Table Top for your Model Railway

One of the first challenges that faces all new model railroaders is what are you going to build your layout on. While you can easily go out and buy a table to use, many people decide to make their own as its a great way to keep costs down, as well as building a table that fits perfectly in the space that you have available.

While you can build the whole table from scratch, this video from Gardentrains shows a great way to build your table using the plastic shelving units which you can find in most home improvement stores. 

Other than being extremely easy to make, the next huge advantage of this method is there is no waste of materials.If you ever need to take it down you will have some great shelving to use for storage afterwards. 

While this video talks in terms of large scale garden trains, you can use this method for any scale.

Take a look.

It’s not the shelving units mentioned in the video, but I’ve found a cheaper and stronger alternative here.


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