Lone Pine Model Railroad (HO scale)

An HO scale model railroad based on Union Pacific in the mid to late 1950’s. Mainly steam with some diesels.

Duration : 0:3:4

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25 Responses to Lone Pine Model Railroad (HO scale)

  1. benjie4 says:

    Terrific video. I …
    Terrific video. I particularly liked the sound track. I believe that is the first time I’ve ever seen it rain on a model railroad! I’m impressed. – B.E.Y.

  2. ithaca25q616 says:

    I am a naughty ho! …
    I am a naughty ho!


  3. nfsfreak88 says:

    i am going to make …
    i am going to make a layout with my dad and we dont know how. any suggestions


    Thats kinda sad …
    Thats kinda sad dude. I feel sorry for you…

  5. MarkMeilak says:

    Y’ know what is the …
    Y’ know what is the only thing that prevents this video from being TOTALLY REAL? NO STEAM. A Challenger, I could guess uses a lot of steam, but not a single puff oozed out of the engine.

  6. giggles9523 says:

    omg that is so cool
    omg that is so cool

  7. bstemple says:

    A very nice …
    A very nice production, excuse me . . . I’m going to watch it a second time. Makes you realize we are limited only by our imagination. Unique.

  8. 1900whogivesa says:

    Really nice. Might …
    Really nice. Might I say though that the engine, cars and buildings could use some ageing. Looks a little plastic (if I may)

  9. Craigfucker88 says:

    Perete Crige. …
    Perete Crige. Hitler would be proud.

  10. loathar21 says:

    You got me with the …
    You got me with the rain! THAT was really original! nice job.

  11. huskyjerk says:

    Impressive layout!
    Impressive layout!

  12. BOROCKHARDJR says:

    Challenger rules, …
    Challenger rules, but the rest……nahh…terrible. Overall I give it a C-. Sorry.

  13. ammoguy5 says:

    Nice Challenger!! …
    Nice Challenger!! and Nice layout also!!



  15. irishmanO1 says:

    awesome video …
    awesome video thanks for shareing

  16. Rachmaninov08 says:

    Nevermind… I just …
    Nevermind… I just realized that the smoke stack is different. Nice looking locomotive, though.

  17. Rachmaninov08 says:

    Is that first …
    Is that first challenger made by Lionel? ’cause if it is, then I have the same one.

  18. trainfan01 says:

    bad voices
    bad voices

  19. HammerQQ says:

    The rain was a nice …
    The rain was a nice touch !! The futuristic voices kinda left me waiting to see a Johnny Cab pull up to the station though.

  20. litespan46 says:

    not a big boy, a up …
    not a big boy, a up challeger

  21. varrone2 says:

    No fair mine took …
    No fair mine took two hours to load!

  22. dcalcutt says:

    Lets put a camera …
    Lets put a camera in the locomotive for an engineers point of view.

  23. Hirailtruck says:

    Nice. Very nice.
    Nice. Very nice.

  24. nickalater says:

    cool. nice sound …
    cool. nice sound effects and the rain cool

  25. scrth says:

    Fanstatic video. …
    Fanstatic video. Real sounds real model like. Splendid graphics well done

    By Tom Scrivens

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