Lionel Train Prices, Are They Too High?

In general Lionel train prices are around the $100-$300 mark which only committed hobbyists would pay.

The only other group of people that buy these are parents who wish to give their kids a birthday present.

Why pay more for a model train?

The reason to pay top dollar for model train is that the extra attention to detail that has been paid.

The framework of the train actually is very hard to deign in some cases because it must look like the real thing but be very small at the same time.

For example all the paint work is actually only carried out by very qualified and experienced people who know what they are doing.

This does not come cheaply and therefore increases the overall price of the railway set.

Another reason why you would pay more is the little realistic features that are added which make the overall effect really worth having.

These extra features include real smoking being puffed out of the old locomotive or headlights that are actually working.

Working headlights actually have a very cool affect if you run your model train set in the dark.

Lionel is a trusted brand can get away with charging people more than other companies.

This is what happens in most industries and people are generally happy to pay more knowing that they will not be buying a cheaply made train model.

Custom made Train models are even more expensive

If you think that Lionel train prices are really high then you need to have a look at places such as eBay where people are selling custom made models.

These are frequently sold in the thousands which really puts the whole thing in perspective.

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