Lionel Model Trains – What You Must Know About This Hobby

What comes to mind when thinking of model trains?

Some would say expert or not, everyone knows about Lionel trains.

After researching models trains it is overwhelming how the industry has evolved through time.

For hobbyist it can be a happy pastime or even frustrating.

It requires patience, enough space and possibly considerable expense depending how far you want to go with your collection.

Models trains or model railroading began as a novelty for children and the first trains were produced in Germany before World War I.

The earliest models were carpet railways with not much detail or likeness.

The models have continually improved to include railway layouts and recreating time periods in history and locations.

In the Victorian era collecting model trains was considered high society and only for the wealthy.

For the serious hobbyist there is no detail not to consider like railway modeling scales and model railroad clubs.

Modeling scales are to ensure the models look accurate.

While there are many scales, the most common in literature are Z, G and N. Z scale was introduced by Marklin Company in Germany in 1972 and were the smallest in the world Z scale prototypes were available in America and Europe.

It was a misconception that they were only available in Europe.

G scale originally German meaning big are garden railways of narrow prototypes.

It uses the same track gauge as 1 gauge.

N scale is derived from its nine millimeter track gauge but the scale is slightly larger.

It was originally developed as a UK commercial version of N scale in the late 1960’s

There many different types of models but the top notch model every train collector aspires to have are the brass models.

These models are accurate and precise and can be worth thousands of dollars.

They were created by Japanese craftsman after World War II and made from solid brass.

They ran like a dream and were completely handcrafted down to the rivets.

All brass models are scaled to HO.

These are made in editions of 150 or less which is why Lionel doesn’t market them.

The first models were not painted except for nickel plating used on the grills.

A model that is becoming more popular is the steam engines due to its unique features and characteristics.

They were introduced following the Civil War and it is the piece many begin their collections with.

A weathering technique is used for detail and a facet of realism. There is something to suit everyone when collecting model trains.

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