Lighting Solutions For Your Model Train Layout

Sometimes you need general lighting at a lower level for your model train layout, rather than the detailed lighting inside buildings, on the streets and in your train.

The perfect solution is the new type of LED lighting usually used for Christmas tree lighting. The cool operation and low power consumption of these LED lights makes them perfect to use.

This is what Ryan had to say about this type of lighting…

Until recently, holiday lights were available only as incandescent bulbs. These lights work well and still have some advantages today. The color of an incandescent bulb is much warmer than an LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) most of which yield a cooler blue-ish light more similar to a fluorescent bulb. If you are looking to use small bulbs to light a finished scene, this type of light may be preferable, but there have also been some great improvements in LED lighting as well. Also, the old incandescent light strands are certainly less expensive than LEDs.

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