Keeping Kids Interested In Model Trains

Members of the Heritage N-Trak Group of Channahon spent most of their day Tuesday setting up their train modules so the public can enjoy their passion.

For more than a decade, the N-Trak group has set up a display in the basement of the Morris Area Public Library the week before Thanksgiving. It all started when a member happened to walk into the library.

“Larry Rude stopped in and we made an acquaintance. It was just out of the blue. He walked in and said we have theses trains and want to do a train show for you,” said Carol Hutchings, children’s librarian. “And the rest is history.”

Keeping kids interested in model trains is a tough ask while competing with video games and other electronic devices that the kids seem to prefer in this new age.

This is a big problem (I believe) as these kids are not being equipped with the hands on skills acquired from model railroading.

Model railroading equips kids with planning, building and creative skills that just can’t be equaled with a video game.

I realize video games are complex and require kids to think about what they are doing in the game, but nothing can beat actually getting their hands dirty, and watching something they have created actually work.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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