Husband And Wife Can’t Get Enough After 9 Model Railway Layouts

Every day we receive emails from enthusiastic model railroaders but this Husband and Wife model railroading team were perfect to profile today…

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Meet Brian and Ann Silby from The Rylstone Wellingborough Northants England.

My Wife and I have 9 scenic model railway layouts that we take to model railway shows all over the UK and sometimes to the continent. These model railway layouts are all under 2 metres long and they travel in the back of our station wagon. I model in N scale, while Ann models in Z scale.

How long have you and your wife been modeling railroads?

Ann and I have been modeling railways for about 25 years!

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Which scale do you and your wife model in?

I model in N scale (continental) whilst Ann models in Z scale. We model in these scales because of space. We only live in a small house.

What brand of equipment do you model with?

I use Fleischmann Roco Minitrix and Kato. All Ann’s trains are Marklin.

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Are you using DCC or analog controls?

I use DCC controls on two of my 6 layouts. The other 4 are analog. Ann only uses analog.

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Where do you show your layouts?

We show our layouts all over the UK, also in Belgium and this year we have been invited to Eurospoor in Holland.

Why have you chosen the scenes you have created?

All of our layouts are actually based on areas where we have been on Holiday and were attracted by the scenery.

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How much time do you spend modeling?

We spend quite an amount of time modeling. I would say about 1 day every week. This year we have 33 shows booked in on our schedule.

Do you think model trains is the greatest hobby in the world?

Yes we do… it is so therapeutic and relaxing.

briansilby image

briansilby image

Thank-you Brian and Ann for sharing your story and your pictures with us… Your model railroads are amazing and it is so inspirational to see a Husband and Wife sharing this wonderful hobby and having a lot of fun in the process.

Got any comments or questions for Brian and Ann Silby? Please scroll to the bottom of the page and leave your comments there…

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64 Responses to Husband And Wife Can’t Get Enough After 9 Model Railway Layouts

  1. Ben Crane says:

    You have some wonderful setup’s. I have started my first big one (26x16x28 l shaped) and I’m having problems with scenery painted on walls. It don’t look right when I get it all done. I have had small layouts with no scenery, just track going all over, but this one will be permanent, and I probably won’t get it finished before I leave this old world, but I love messing with it. Hope when I get it done it at least looks a little bit real. If you ever get to U.S.A, would love to see your models in person. Thanks for showing what can be done. Ben





  3. JeaneBee says:

    What a beautiful layout….fun to see some European scenery.

  4. Joe says:

    AWSOME just AWSOME,i have alot of ideas all of engines buildings cars you name it and i have not started building yet,been changing my plans for years new ideas change again i just hope i can get some thing close to that quality when i finally settle and build,new pieces i buy here and there so far have changed my plans many many times,i have a small layout i been tinkering with and i hope soon it will go under the bridge,to give you just a hint i have around 20 engines and more than enough stock to run then all loaded to the max,maybe some day i’ll be able to post some pictures here wish me luck please !!! keep modeling everyone

  5. INR says:

    Just an awesome article! Perfect with images.

  6. John Calnan says:

    Your layouts are truly inspirational , I’m new to n guage layouts, I have a baseboard that measures 8 ft by 2ft. Im trying to design I want to incorporate a layout that includes a small village, a cole mine on top of a hill. , a river whose source is a lake atop a small mountain, a dockside for some ships with some factory/storage units next to it and some roads for access. Have I enough room to do all this on my baseboard, I’m working on dcc. I made a ho layout last year but did not have any room, have you any ideas for me. Thank you.

  7. Ken says:

    Everyone just took the words out of my mouth…so a message in a nutshell….Your display is simpley Awesome.

  8. Richard Moses says:

    I started working with model railroads, way back in 1997, at the grand old age of 8; which was when my daddy bought me a Lionel train set. Over the years, I have built layouts in O-scale, S-scale, HO-scale, TT-scale, and N-scale, and am working on plans for an Outdoor layout, which will cover two-third of the “field” I have access to. This field measures 460′ long by 300′ wide, and has been staked for the house I am going to build, plus other buildings, one of which will be used for hydroponics.
    The layout will use a track gauge of 18″, and the cars will be large enough for “Full-sized” people to ride. The plan will have a “Cut” through a “man-made hill”, a long trestle bridge, (built of steel), and will have scale buildings for when “humans” are enjoying the ride.
    All of the locos and rolling stock will be built by hand, except for those units which might be made in some company’s shop.
    I will let every one know more, as plans progress.

  9. Nancy Hallstein says:

    These are truly beautiful. So real looking. I am just learning how to do this and seeing what can be accomplished gives me inspiration.

  10. Austin Wilson says:

    Love the layouts and they are beautiful. My layout in my basement is HO Scale and looks nothing like your’s. Great to see husband and wife loving it so much togeher. I got my layout all set up and now purchasing and successfully bidding on buidlings, houses and trees on E-Bay. I have tons of engines, boxcars and track, now for the rest. Someday. well maybe, I will share my layout once completed, if ever it will be.

  11. Andre Scholtz says:

    I simply must congratulate the pair of you with your endevours. The detail is so magnificent and an inspiration to all that love model rail roading. Awesome is the word used by others. I cannot think of a better word!

    Bless you!


  12. Albert says:

    Thank you for the insporatyon .i have a little god faughter who is becomming very keen to model trains . She was worried that her mates may think it tooo butch she read the artical and said If that lady can do it so can I Now shes nagging me for a train set mayby if santa is kind she may get one She loves driving trains on my layout By the way they are beautiful set ups you have

  13. Steven DeAlmeida says:

    Awesome layouts! Beautiful.

  14. Paul Stringer says:

    I love the layouts u guys have done a very good job.


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