HO Scale Model Buildings

I remember starting my HO scale railroad. I bought the train station from our local hobby shop to add to my simple oval railroad. The train station was a plastic kit, and with a little bit of paint, I soon had it looking a bit more aged and realistic.

But as I added to my railroad, I soon realised that it was time to raise my game. I had seen amazingly realistic and well detailed railroads built by other HO model train hobbyists, and I wanted my railroad to be on their high level.

I needed to make my model train set look more realistic and the plastic buildings just wouldn’t do. So, with the help of the ebook “The Complete Guide To Model Trains” I slowly replaced my plastic HO scale buildings with very detailed and life-like hand-built structures.

HO Model Train Station

Model railroading is often referred to as “the world’s greatest hobby.” This certainly rang true for me when I started creating and building my own buildings and structures.

I was a bit concerned in the beginning, as I thought I would not have the patience or desire to build the train station with the detail required. But armed with a set of drawings, some balsa wood, light weight plastic, glue, a knife and scissors… I had the time of my life!

It wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. With some imagination I actually exceeded my expectations and found the whole project very relaxing. My Wife doesn’t share the same passion and often complains about the hours and hours I dedicate to my HO model trains, but I absolutely love it.

I tell her it’s important to have relaxation time and my HO model trains provide exactly that! Our local hobby shop carries plaster, corkboard, foils, paints, beads, glitter and so much more that bring all my buildings and structures to life.

I’ve also purchased materials from eBay, Amazon and other websites on the web for a fraction of the cost of the local hobby store. It’s amazing how cheap this hobby actually can be. For more ideas and tips go have a look at “The Complete Guide To Model Trains”.

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3 Responses to HO Scale Model Buildings

  1. I agree, buying plastic kits is for kids who want a toy to play with for 10 minutes. Building a train station from balsa wood is enjoyable and incredibly satisfying.

  2. Brian says:

    I find the hardest part is deciding which layout I’m going to build… i want to build all of them.

  3. John says:

    My wife also complains, but more about the money I spend.

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