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H O model railroading is big business, many people have miniature railroads in thier homes. There are many clubs around the world.

Duration : 0:6:22

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3 Responses to HO Railroad – lbprods.net

  1. michaelmohrmann says:

    Mighty fine job on …
    Mighty fine job on a mighty fine layout, thanks for sharing.

  2. Miniperal1966 says:

    Awesome display!
    Awesome display!

  3. Joe A. says:

    Fine-looking layout… but the opening credits mentioned several railroads besides the S.P., which was all I saw. Also, perhaps the video could be tightened up a bit by editing-out the portions which are just completely out-of-focus (and correcting the spelling of “Topeka” in the opening credits, if you do add some A.T.&S.F. trains). 😉

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