ho model train layout tour-aerial California Zephyr

This is an aerial tour of the Califirnia Zephyr going around my layout.

Duration : 0:7:20

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25 Responses to ho model train layout tour-aerial California Zephyr

  1. JacobAndrewCastro says:

    I love your layout …
    I love your layout sir, you are the kind of railroaders I look up too for ideas. Thank you so much for uploading this video!

  2. nscalemodeler24 says:

    i like your …
    i like your daylight better lol you see it when the zepher comes back into the yard

  3. redins7248 says:

    Minus the IS
    Minus the IS

  4. redins7248 says:

    Im soooooooooo …
    Im soooooooooo jealous of your zephyr!!! and your layout is aint half bad either!!!

  5. reddiethecat says:

    That layout must …
    That layout must have taken you a long, long time, it’s really awsome.

  6. yobflo says:

    how did you make …
    how did you make that? thats soooooo cooooool!!!!=)

  7. davidh545 says:

    I’ve had parts of …
    I’ve had parts of this layout for 20 years and have moved it 3 times. It took about 2 years to get into this setup. Thanks

  8. Cameronm55 says:

    How long did it …
    How long did it take you to build this layout? It’s really great and thanks for posting it.

  9. davidh545 says:

    Four trains …
    Four trains independently and 5 if I run 2 on the same track. Watch my other videos “train layout tour part 1 and 2.

  10. modeltrains123 says:

    How many trains can …
    How many trains can you run at once?

  11. modeltrains123 says:

    Thanks! :>
    Thanks! :>

  12. davidh545 says:

    It is the “GOLDEN …
    It is the “GOLDEN STATE LIMITED”. It ran from Chicago to Los Angels through New Mexico and Arizona. It was owned by the Rock Island and Southern Pacific. It only had the red and silver color for a few years inthe early 1950’s then it went to all silver with a red stripe.

  13. modeltrains123 says:

    What is the red …
    What is the red train at the beginning of the video?

    P.S. Very cool layout!

  14. modeltrains123 says:

    you r awesome, i am …
    you r awesome, i am building a model layout right now.

  15. michaelmohrmann says:

    Okie dokie, I’m …
    Okie dokie, I’m looking forward to seeing it. 🙂

  16. davidh545 says:

    Thanks. Will be …
    Thanks. Will be putting a new aerial video on in about a month. I’m adding some new things.

  17. davidh545 says:

    Thanks. Making some …
    Thanks. Making some changes and adding on a little. Will be putting on a new video in about a month.

  18. michaelmohrmann says:

    Hi Dave, that was …
    Hi Dave, that was quite a show you put on there. I was also wondering if there were other ariel views of your layout. And what’s more, you’ve also provided me with some inspiration for my own N scale model railroad project. Thanks bud.

  19. huskyjerk says:

    For a layout that …
    For a layout that uses a town as a backdrop, this is a very nice looking and very realistic layout. Lots of layouts use the wrong scale of scenery, like cars and buildings, and it makes for an awkward looking layout. But this layout seems to pay a lot of attention to proper scale and so it looks really nice. Good job on building this layout!

  20. pbcinla says:

    You need to get …
    You need to get more trains.

  21. davidh545 says:

    Yours is looking …
    Yours is looking good. You have alot of space to do some neat things.

  22. MikeDelic14 says:

    you have a very …
    you have a very nice layout, i hope mine is as good as yours when i’m done!

  23. davidh545 says:

    It is HO.
    It is HO.

  24. huskyjerk says:

    HO or N guage?
    HO or N guage?

  25. Dogball24 says:

    how much did you …
    how much did you spend on this one??

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