ho model railroad layout tour 2

A brief tour of my Chicago & West Coast Railroad featuring 1950’s domeliner passenger trains.

Duration : 0:8:4

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  1. TitoQuintana says:

    As I said less is …
    As I said less is more. I see some nice work, but the moutains are working for me. I would think some viaduct track would have worked better and hidden your loops better. Trains look nice, good to see passenger trains.

  2. davidh545 says:

    I just added a west …
    I just added a west coast yard. Watch my new video – C&WC RR. Just having fun.

  3. TitoQuintana says:

    A C-, trying to do …
    A C-, trying to do too much in to small a space.

  4. davidh545 says:

    Glad you liked them …
    Glad you liked them. Watching all of those must have cut into your fishing time. Ha Ha.

  5. goindycolts18 says:

    Hey Dave its Scott …
    Hey Dave its Scott from work…Love the videos! I’ve watched all of them and there very impressive…great work! Its a historical lesson also

  6. davidh545 says:

    Thanks,I’ve seen …
    Thanks,I’ve seen several of your videos and your layout looks “state of the art”. Looking forward to see the finished product. Dave

  7. ennout says:

    Outstanding! …
    Outstanding! enjoyed every min of it!

  8. Peonygreenleaf says:

    Theres NP cars in …
    Theres NP cars in Missoula Mt. at the MRL yard and the still have the roundhouse circle in use there too. Also in Helena MT. at the MRl yard theres a restored NP steam locomotive on display

  9. davidh545 says:

    Sorry, they didn’t …
    Sorry, they didn’t meet at Billings they met at Butte.

  10. davidh545 says:

    The NP ran across …
    The NP ran across southern ND and the MR ran across northern SD. They met at Billings MT and fron there to Spokane they crossed each other a couple times and in a couple places they shared the same trackage. Thanks for the comment.

  11. DHS1977 says:

    Great Layouts and …
    Great Layouts and Caboose shed! I liked your history of the passenger lines. I’m glad to see someone else who has interest in several passenger lines! How did the Milwaukee Road and Northern Pacific share a line? Thanks!

  12. flyboy1994 says:

    Thank You. I also …
    Thank You. I also have a small layout in the works, but nothing like yours. Everything is running, Now I’m plastering and doing scenery. Lots of Fun!

  13. davidh545 says:

    This is just DC. It …
    This is just DC. It took alot of wireing but I have too many engines to conver to DCC. Thanks for the comment. I like your airplanes.

  14. flyboy1994 says:

    Awesome Layout and …
    Awesome Layout and Trains, I’m Jealouss!

    By the way, is this DC or DCC?

  15. piktrains says:

    Thanks for sharing …
    Thanks for sharing these videos. They are very informative about the Golden Years of passenger railroad service. I hope the passenger service will regain its popularity yet again.

  16. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    nice video im very …
    nice video im very impressed 🙂 awesome job!

  17. davidh545 says:

    Gee, I really don’t …
    Gee, I really don’t know. I’ve been collecting for 35 years. Most of my stuff I bought over 15 years ago when thing were alot cheaper. Each passenger train would cost about $250 today.

  18. Dogball24 says:

    How much did you …
    How much did you spend on all youre trains??

  19. JREDHORSE says:

    Awesome, Awesome, …
    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!
    This is my favorite layout on the whole web, keep up the fantastic work.
    Happy Rails!

  20. mutantcat95 says:

    how long have you …
    how long have you been doing this?. its really good!

  21. 563Pyro563 says:

    Sweet layout. I’m …
    Sweet layout. I’m thinking on building one of my own. Te California Zephyr is one of the nicest trains i’ve seen. You so alot of history about trains.

  22. dash8amtrak says:

    i noticed how you …
    i noticed how you had a matching caboose by the tunnel for every railroad

  23. joeseif says:

    Yes i do. We are …
    Yes i do. We are planing a large layout for our 3rd floor. it will be 6×4 conected to 4×4 via a 6foot x 28″ causway.

  24. davidh545 says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comment. I hope you and your son get interested in the hobby, it’s a great indoor hobby for those long cold winters. Looks like you live in the north and like fishing and camping by looking at your videos.

  25. joeseif says:

    Me and my son very …
    Me and my son very much enjoyed watching your trains. Your lay-out is one of the most interesting ones we have seen in a long time. Thank you for taking the time to post your videos.

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