ho model railroad layout tour 1

A brief tour of my Chicago & West Coast Railroad featuring domeliner passenger trains of the 1950’s.

Duration : 0:8:41

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  1. disneyparkfreak says:

    holy crap this …
    holy crap this things auwsome i’m starting my own, n-scale and then a big one that’s h0 my grandpa had tons of them before he died thx for the ideas and the great vid

  2. romualdor581 says:

    Let me be your …
    Let me be your fantasy!!


  3. xstell132 says:

    pretty sweet, me …
    pretty sweet, me and my grandpa are building our own huge train set. but curse my uncle for wanting to make everything digital.

  4. thetrainking says:

    relativeley small?! …
    relativeley small?!?!?!?! mines like 4 feet by 8 feet

  5. davidh545 says:

    Those are Rivarossi …
    Those are Rivarossi cars that are about 20 years old but I painted and lettered them myself. The dome on the observation car is a kit that I put on.I made some additions to my layout and will be putting a new video on in a month or so. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Pirateman317 says:

    Your includes …
    Your includes everything that a good layout should have! Nicely done! The UP’s City of Los Angeles went through my town more than 50 years ago. They said you could get on the train in the morning, ride to Chicago, catch a baseball game, and then ride back in the evening! What brand of passenger cars are on you C.O.L.A. train! Thanks.

  7. davidh545 says:

    Those 2×4 foot …
    Those 2×4 foot white with holes in them tiles that you see in alot of office buildings. Put the side with the holes in face down and glue them to the plywood. There are alot of books and magazines at your hobby store on getting started in model railroading. They tell you all the basics.

  8. modeltrains123 says:

    What type of …
    What type of ceiling tiles, and how did you secure the tiles to the plywood?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!!!!:):)

  9. davidh545 says:

    Track nails or RR …
    Track nails or RR spikes, you have to get them at a hobby shop. Any small nail or brad will do but they probably won’t be black so you will have to paint them. It is best not to put track on plywood. The trains run noisy and it’s hard to put the nails in. I put a fiber board over the plywood. The best is called HOMOSOTE but is hard to find. I just used ceiling tiles. It is not as dense and the nails will work loose in time.

  10. modeltrains123 says:

    What is your method …
    What is your method of securing the track directly to plywood like you did where you park your 7 passenger trains?

  11. davidh545 says:

    Thanks. I looked at …
    Thanks. I looked at the grand valley layout on the website,looks like a nice first layout. Take your time, do a good job and have fun. I made some additions to my layout. Will put a new video on in a month or so.

  12. modeltrains123 says:

    I love watching …
    I love watching your trains. i am currently working on an HO layout kit from woodland scenics, it is called grand valley


  13. davidh545 says:

    I have never worked …
    I have never worked with ez-track. By close inspection you should be able to tell if it is glued or fastened to the roadbed. If glued I guess it couldn’t be seperated.

  14. wow7458 says:

    anyone happen to …
    anyone happen to know a good way to split bachmann ez-track off its base (without destroying it) so i can use it with my atlas track?

  15. josephkennith says:

    someone has a …
    someone has a little to much time on there hands not sayin its a bad thing

  16. jpjonesy says:

    Very impressive …
    Very impressive layout. Question: Can you crash the trains like they do on “The Addams Family”?

  17. jedihunter80 says:

    RELATIVLEY SMALL??? Dude, mine is 5X12 or so, yours is pretty good sized!

  18. gowolves4 says:


  19. willhibdon says:

    cool vids
    cool vids

  20. CAPTAINQUINN says:

    beautiful! bravo!
    beautiful! bravo!

  21. aledalgogu says:

    wooow , …
    wooow , stapokamadre 1

  22. cockerspaniel25 says:

    i like the bookcase …
    i like the bookcase idea too!

  23. cockerspaniel25 says:

    nice layout …but …
    nice layout …but thats not rele a small train layout….

  24. bassrockers1 says:

    Like the layout. I …
    Like the layout. I really like the steam engian how many cars can it pull at a time.

  25. BIGABEY says:

    badass layout, one …
    badass layout, one of the best one`s i`ve seen

  26. lawrence slay says:

    Making auto roads out of used verticle blinds that have beenpainted and striped to match highways

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