ho model railroad layout to bound for glory

A wall display showing how the western railroads merged to become 2 giant railroads.

Duration : 0:8:51

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13 Responses to ho model railroad layout to bound for glory

  1. livingsteam says:

    What a neat video, …
    What a neat video, this must have been a lot of fun to make! Thanks for the info, nice layout, and wall display.

  2. NYBORIQUA91 says:

    Hello im 16 and i …
    Hello im 16 and i love your layout. One day i wish to make a model railroad but make it as a city theme because i got a subway train and trolleys but as of now i cant make it cause i do not have the space 🙁 but one i will. 🙂

  3. davidh545 says:

    First the Penn …
    First the Penn Central ate up a few and then Con Rail ate up the rest.

  4. jimmyl22 says:

    David, thanks for …
    David, thanks for the history lesson. I love that display.

    Btw, how was the East lost?

  5. davidh545 says:

    Ive been in model …
    Ive been in model railroading for 40 years so this layout is a collection of everything from those years. The actual layout only took about a year to build.

  6. moyse04 says:

    how many years did …
    how many years did you spent on this layout.

  7. davidh545 says:

    It’s a 4-6-2 …
    It’s a 4-6-2 Pacific made by Model Power. It came painted in Daylight colors but is not a true prototype. Thanks for the comment.

  8. dash8amtrak says:

    i thought the …
    i thought the daylight was only 4-8-4 what was the model you have +great vid

  9. ROCKDOG5732 says:

    Great Video 5 stars …
    Great Video 5 stars Great layout

  10. wesolint says:

    very informative
    very informative

  11. GordonExpress says:

    Good video.
    Good video.

  12. 78720 says:

    nice one dude
    nice one dude

  13. BiK04 says:

    Good video! Love …
    Good video! Love the layout and the wall display!!!!

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