HO ceiling train on Golden Gate Bridge 12 BART cars

Here a must for those who plan to set up the ceiling layout.
1. Track rerailers. Install after every turns. Train tends to get derail coming out a turn. This save you time from climbing up there.
2. Rail guard. You can use flexy glass or wire construction hold in place with wheel bearing pin. Once the train fall on the floor, It’s shopping time and $$$.
2. A track cleaner car. Tracks will get rusty over time so u need to keep it clean. I run it every 4 months.
*3. Use 2 or more locomotives and wire the contact points together. The more contacts shared the smoother the operation and alleviates stop and go hesitant.
4.Optional keep it thin. That means one track rather multi tracks. You want to see the train and not the baseboard. Two tracks are too wide. It looks like you have bookshelves up there. Decorate with rope lights and bridges. Paint the baseboard black. This hides your layout and accentuates the train image. Maintenance free is the keyword.

Duration : 0:3:15

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26 Responses to HO ceiling train on Golden Gate Bridge 12 BART cars

  1. gorbidog says:

    I wish!!! That was …
    I wish!!! That was my “holy grail” I sold to you, but I thought it would be better off with someone who could really run them instead of me keeping them in the box … good luck in finding more!

  2. yesilike101 says:

    Thanks, what I …
    Thanks, what I learned after 12 yrs of ceiling set up is that track will get rusted over time, mental will rust. Track cleaner car is a must to save you from climbing up there to clean the track.
    Blasting the train at high speed require retainer wire/wall. Once they fall time for shopping.

  3. yesilike101 says:

    yeh, I bought them, …
    yeh, I bought them, have any more?

  4. gorbidog says:

    Way cool … I …
    Way cool … I liked your BART train set … I had a 5-car train before but I sold it on eBay a few years back … were you the guy I sold it to???

  5. yesilike101 says:

    yeh, i need a w-man …
    yeh, i need a w-man, lol

  6. aftdrk says:

    “YOU NEED A WOMAN” !! lol..

  7. FallenGenesis says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the awesome description of your layout. I think it’ll help alot with my plan. I’m putting up O-scale around my bedroom, and the tips are super helpful.

  8. TEMPLE7D says:

    look at the rest of …
    look at the rest of his vids

  9. virtute71 says:

    “Bald headed woman! …
    “Bald headed woman!!!!.. Bald headed woman to meeee!!!”

  10. AuSeMao says:

    ha ha, that was …
    ha ha, that was awesome man! love the choice of music and that ceiling layout was awesome too.

  11. norfolkdash9 says:

    Hell yeah!! but …
    yeah!! but could you take a picture of ’em and send it to me?

  12. jimmyp42002 says:

    i love that roof …
    i love that roof setup.
    However (sorry to burst your bubble) those are not bart cars, those are stainless steel coaches (like budd made) not bart cars.

  13. yesilike101 says:

    Wheels will roll …
    Wheels will roll off track. Rerailer will put the wheels back on track once the trains run over it. This save you time to clim up there and try to set the wheel on track. Love the BEE GEES. Their harmony are incredible and powerful.

  14. norfolkdash9 says:

    great music!! and …
    great music!! and wat are rerailers? awesome layout!! awesome city!! do you like this music?

  15. Dsarsorito says:

    Dude, the BART Cars …
    Dude, the BART Cars are Awesome i LOVE BART I rode it last weekend when i was in SF. Where Did You Get Them I’d kill for some.

  16. miniwyo says:

    Awesome stuff! I …
    Awesome stuff! I especially love the Golden gate! and the rope light adds so much to it! I have my own around the ceiling layout, just 1×4 pine and corner brackets. I still need to paint it black and run wire to the other corner of the layout to get better power there. I have one corner raised a bit to add in a small 1% grade, mainly for testing free rolling cars. On one of my long walls, I am gonna make it a 1×6 and add a small passing track in though…..

  17. JREDHORSE says:

    Now this is …
    Now this is entertaining, great use of rope light, never seen anything like this…Outstanding!

  18. sort187 says:

    SanFranpsycho…. …
    SanFranpsycho….nah, just kidding….I love the Golden Gate design….I wonder what it would look like with a steam locomotive….5/5

  19. zerdda says:


  20. jazzlife1 says:


  21. yesilike101 says:

    San Francisco …
    San Francisco trains, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

  22. buggiecar says:

    Just asking. What …
    Just asking. What are bart cars

  23. buggiecar says:

    Cool the bee gees. …
    Cool the bee gees. I love them!! 🙂

  24. 3819oli says:

    nicely done. is …
    nicely done. is that at the top of your room?

  25. Aviator87 says:

    This is a very cool …
    This is a very cool train set! This is a pretty good layout!I do admit that is a cool way to set up the trains if there is no room!

  26. zzmel says:


    I was looking forward in seeing the video with your train set running around the ceiling. When I tried to view it, it says that the originator of that video was taken down. Is there any way you can put it back up? I always thought that a ceiling RR would be the answer to my space problem. I would like to know more about re-railers so I could keep the train on the track. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks much.


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