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railroad roster

Postby dmaynard » Sun May 11, 2014 3:07 am

Does anyone else keep track of what locomotives and rolling stock they have with some kind of roster?

I have been (trying) to keep track of my railroad's equipment with an Excel spreadsheet roster. It lists the car type, road name and number. If it has metal wheels, which is kind of a moot point, since all my stock now has metal wheels. If it has KaDee couplers, again another moot point. And the manufacturer of the piece of equipment. Also noted is if it was kit-bashed.

I try to enter the information when a new piece of equipment is upgraded to run on my railroad. All equipment is run through the shop to either add metal wheels, or check the gauge of the metal wheel if the car came with them. Also the car is upgraded to KaDee couplers and the trucks are checked to make sure they swivel and roll properly.

The roster was originally started so I could keep track of what I had, and what I needed to get everything upgraded to my railroad's standard. Now it helps me to answer those questions like "how many locomotives do you have?" 35. Or, how many cars do you have?" 184. But the roster would also be helpful for insurance purposes if anything were to happen. I have a list of what I had.

I am just wondering if other folks have taken the time to assemble such a list, and how they did it.
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