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Choice of correct Analogue Equipment.

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Choice of correct Analogue Equipment.

Postby NerdyDave » Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:02 am

Being a complete "novice" I would appreciate your help on the following.

Ideally, I wanted to go down the DCC route, but perhaps I need to "walk before I gallop" so I recently visited a well known dealer in the Bedfordshire area of UK, and explained that I need a basic control system i.e. a Transformer and a Controller.

I was advised to purchase an LGB Transformer Model 50110, ( I will be running an "Aristocraft Mallet G scale loco & rolling stock ), and a Controller ( again, a Lehmann product, ) made in the form of a building, with the control dial inside it ( this item has no product or model number on it, so I can not identify it further ).

Subsequently, on a visit to a meeting of the local "G" scale modelling society, I was informed by one of their members ( after showing him the two items I had purchased ), that (a) the Controller unit was only powerful enough to move the loco, and certainly would not power a loco plus rolling stock, and (b) the Transformer was an AC unit, that could only be used for accessories ( signals, points, lights etc ) - not for powering a loco, and that I should have purchased a DC Transformer.

Before I return to the supplier who sold me these two items - is this "expert" correct ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated from you "life-timers" out there.

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Re: Choice of correct Analogue Equipment.

Postby dmaynard » Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:59 pm

I cant say about the transformer, but the LGB controller in the building is more or less a "starter" piece, so on that point your friend is correct. I haven't done DCC in the garden so I don't really know what is available for that. However if you are going DC track power you should get a good power supply. MRC makes some nice units, I have their trainmaster 20 that is rated for 10 amps. Crest also makes some good 10 amp power supplies. If you are going to be running more then 2 locomotives, or 2 locomotives and a string of light up passenger cars then I would suggest some of the bigger power supplies from Bridgewerks.

However, if you really are going into DCC then I wouldn't sink too much money into a big Bridgewerks unit since you will have to get DCC controllers and boosters later on. Also for powering accessories I wouldn't use the same power supply you use for the trains even if it has AC terminals. I bought a 300 or 400 watt landscape lighting transformer and use that for my building and signal lights, that way I don't load down my train transformer. I don't have the Mallet so I don't know what its draw is, but my Pacific can draw up to 3 amps IIRC while climbing the summit on my railroad with a string (4) of Aristocraft streamline passenger cars all lit up
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Re: Choice of correct Analogue Equipment.

Postby NerdyDave » Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:29 pm

Hi Dan.

Just thought I would update you. I connected the Transformer & Controller up this a.m. and all is well. I spoke to the dealer who sold me the items, and he explained that whilst the transformer was DC, the Controller was designed to convert DC to AC - so everything is well.

Should I eventually go DCC, then I can still use the transformer, so that's great.
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