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DC Transformer.

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DC Transformer.

Postby SteveK » Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:47 pm

Need DC Transformer. Beginning small layout. Have choice of MRC 9000 used or TECH 7 AMPAC 760 new for only a couple of dollars more. Which way to go? Any input would be valuable.
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Re: DC Transformer.

Postby dmaynard » Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:39 am

Since I am not familiar with those power supplies I can't say what one would be "best". But if you have the specs for them, you could determine which one of them has the features you would want, and/or provides the most power for running trains. You want a decent amount of power to run your trains, and its better to have more then you think you will need, then to have a supply that you suddenly outgrow.

On a small set up, momentum becomes more of an annoyance then a useful feature. I had to disable that feature on my railroad, because, for it to work, I would have to start slowing down about halfway between my towns, so that the train would stop somewhere near the station I wanted it to stop at. The breaking feature on my supply was an interesting toy to play with, but after the first few times it was useless to me also. I want to turn the knob and have the train respond now, not seconds from now. So the important thing on a small set up is; will it have enough power to run the trains?

Just my 2 cents worth. I am sure others will have different opinions on momentum and braking.
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