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Kids and Grandkids

What do you believe is the best thing about model trains...

Kids and Grandkids

Postby Dougan » Tue May 03, 2016 3:40 pm

To me I built "our" railroad with my kids. My youngest son and youngest daughter helped layout and build our train set that is almost finished. ( will send pics when it is.)
That is the best thing about Model trains the kids don't sit in front of a TV for hours. or play on there cell phones.. They are with you playing "trains" talking, critical thinking about how to pull 12 cars with only 1 engine.:):) bonding as a family...And you throw my 2 grandkids in the mix... It does not get much better then that.. Our family proudly says... "Yes......Yes we do still play with trains..".
Thank you
Dougan Dimmitt
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