CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Sub. HO Model Railroad

Scenes from the upper level of the HO scale CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Subdivision model railroad.

Duration : 0:3:43

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8 Responses to CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Sub. HO Model Railroad

  1. 18sams18 says:

    well done
    well done

  2. pimposcar1000 says:

    nice video! add …
    nice video! add train sounds and the video would be amazing. even though it already is.

  3. Peterraev says:

    Very nice layout, …
    Very nice layout, do you make the trees? and if so, how about a clinic, sharing your technic.

  4. jazzlife1 says:

    I notice that …
    I notice that Canadian are some of the best modellers there is. Great scenery. Enjoyed the video, look forward for some more on your layout.

  5. pimposcar1000 says:

    must agree with …
    must agree with stationmaster12

  6. stationmaster12 says:

    Beautifull work!!!
    Beautifull work!!!

  7. MECU18b says:

    Great video – …
    Great video – awesome trees and scenery – understand this layout is in Winnipeg. Do you know of any model railroaders it Brandon MB ? I might be moving there

  8. shaun says:

    what dcc system is it you us ??

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