Building a Model Railway – You Need To Know How To Lay Track, Connect Electrics And Create Scenery

Building a model railway means you need some basic knowledge of how to lay the railway track, connect the electrics and create scenery.

The manufacturers have made it very easy to do all of this. The instructions that come with the model train sets of today are very clear and simple to follow.

Color coding has meant that the electrics are as simple as attaching the red wire to the red terminal of the controller and the black wire to the black terminals.

Scenery can be bought in kits so it could be as easy as taking the building out of the box and placing it where you want it to go. Mats can be bought that look like fields and complete layout scenery is available.

Hornby provide a track mat which is a scenic underlay used as a base for your model railway. It is marked with the positions of the track, buildings and accessories. This makes it very easy for any beginner to building a model railway and provides a fantastic place to start.

Tunnels, bridges, shops, buildings, houses, water towers, playgrounds, platforms, sheds, signals are just some of the accessories that can be purchased for your model railway.

Lighting kits are available for the insides of the buildings which adds an element of realism to any model train layout.

And then if you become completely hooked into your new model railway hobby and want more, there are many techniques that you can apply to that bright shiny new looking building to make it look weathered and real. But, that’s a whole new ball game for the serious model railroaders.

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