Arlin’s Model Railroad – A Work In Progress

Arlin Wauer from Coos Bay, Oregon has kindly sent in the photos of his model railroad.

Here’s what Arlin had to say…

I’m sending four pictures that were taken two months ago and as most layouts, a lot of changes have taken place. 

Luck has turned my way with my neighbor Tony has been a great help running the wiring for the eight switches and now is pulling wiring for the lighting.

He came up with a great idea of placing lights in each floor of the buildings so that each would be independent of the other.

My son David built a beautiful switch board using pictures.

When I send my next set of pictures in two months, you will see that some buildings have been moved and some new added.

The trolley was reduced to one track which allowed space for two churches and a school.

I’m in the process of building a power substation from scratch. My N scale is a back drop for the HO scale with a mountain scene between. It’s all a work in progress.

Thanks Arlin for sharing.

Do you have any photos of your model railroad or part of it. Any photo will be of value to someone and they are always appreciated.

Send your photos to modeltrainsforbeginners[@]


Switch yard, saw mill and lumber yard.



Switch yard and industrial area.



N-scale will be at back on HO



Hot air balloons moving over town


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  1. Annie Anderson says:

    Where did you find the hot air balloon? Thank you

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