A Brief History About Bachmann Model Trains

When you think of “model trains” the image that comes to mind is probably that of the Bachmann trains.

The company which was founded more than 150 years ago today is a world leader in the model railroading industry.

Originally the company entered the model train market by selling accessories under the brand name Plasticville® U.S.A. These were snap together building kits.

Now they even sell pre built buildings and even now it is one of Bachmann’s best selling products.

Bachmann continued expanding and consolidated its position in the model railroading business by acquiring other brands and selling them under the Bachmann label.

Quality and painstaking attention to detail are the hallmarks of Bachmann.

The range of model trains offered by the company is vast and they have something to offer every type of collector.

Bachman model trains have a selection even for kids. If you are a new enthusiast and want to start assembling model trains as a hobby, there will be a Bachmann model train for you.

Serious collectors who look for extreme sophistication and detail find there is no better range than what is offered by this company.

The range offered today includes brands like “Spectrum”. A premium brand, Spectrum offers beautifully crafted replicas of famous trains.

Bachman train models include the famous – “Thomas and friends”- specially designed to attract and delight the kids. A great way for them to learn and start on this hobby.

Furthermore, they are one of the few companies to offer models in 4 of the most popular scales: N, HO, O, and Large Scale.

In addition to the train models Bachmann’s also offer accessories needed for your collection. The E-Z track system makes laying tracks easy and fun. The Plasticville and SceneScapes collection makes the perfect layout

Model railroading is one of the most endearing hobbies one could have. It provides you with hours of fun as you design and construct a perfect layout for the trains to run.

Acquiring one of the Bachmann model trains would be a perfect way to start. The prices are reasonable and the collection extensive.

To know more of this exhilarating hobby, visit http://www.bachmanmodeltrains.com and get yourself a free report on “Model Trains Buyers Guide”.

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