70 Year Old Train Set For Sale

One of our valued readers has a 70 year old train set for sale… Anyone interested?

Jim had this to say about the set…

“I have a train set that is 70 years old. It consists of the engine, tender, plus 6 extra cars and the original transformer. I ran the set on Lionel 027 gauge. My dad bought the set for me when I was 1 year old. Mom always said he had more fun than me, but at one year old my attention span was very short. The transformer says Louis Mark out of New York.

I have no idea how much the set is worth. I would prefer to sell the complete set instead of individual items. The condition of all the items is good with some rust on the bottom of the cars. The electric switching tower, the semephores and the station have very little rust. I think the pictures show the markings and condition of each item. 70 years of exposure will take its toll but the set is in pretty good condition. If a buyer wants to get in touch with me they can call me at 262-784-3049, e-mail me at jturczyn’at’wi.rr.com (replace ‘at’ with @).

The thumbnails below give you an idea of what the train set looks like. if you would like some higher quality photos emailed to you just contact Jim on 262-784-3049, or e-mail at jturczyn’at’wi.rr.com (replace ‘at’ with @).

Alternatively you can contact us by clicking here…

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Got any comments or questions on this 70 year old set? We would love to hear them… Please scroll down and leave your comment.

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17 Responses to 70 Year Old Train Set For Sale

  1. jonathan says:

    Brings back memories. Mine was “wind-up” powered. Not exactly the same. I think the supplied track was O-gauge, but 2-rail, not 3-rail. Of course it would mate with O27.

    I’ll let Jim know by e-mail that the maker was Louis Marx, not Mark, so he can do a web search for more info to satisfy his curiosity.

  2. Sharon says:

    We’re looking for an older model train set to display at Ministers Island. Ministers Island was owned by Sir William Van Horne, the CP railway baron. This post is fairly old, but if you still have the set contact me.


  3. tim johnston says:

    hello,i have a train set that was made in the 40″s,was curious ,if it as valuable.i”ll give you details if you respond back to me,thank you

  4. Dan Morgan says:

    Hi Tim, send the details and we’ll see if we can help.


  5. tim johnston says:

    its american flyer/a.c.gilbert manufacturer..orig.trn boxes dated1940-42. Engine i think is deisel loco.,that actually blows steam,lights etcw/small coal car attached,im sure comes off,if wanted..,plus 4 more green long cars,one is smaller.orig box tore somewhat,transformerw/orig box,track,but no scenery e.g..hses,gas stations etc.trains ,i think are in great shape.would love to have idea of value

  6. Tina Lloyd says:

    How can you tell old the train is?

  7. Gary b says:

    i have a simular set my dad left me if you can contact me and let me know the range you sold yours at it would be nice . Thanks Gary

  8. tom kanta says:

    looking for to sell it train is over 85 years old it dose work. the engine is a new york central . 5 cars and tracks work

  9. justin says:

    I have an older train set for sale it was my great grandpas, its been sitting in a box since I got it. It includes a steam engine that worked when I put it away. If interested contact me at 920-205-8280 thanks

  10. I think I could live the rest of my life watching the model trains keep passing by.

  11. Alex says:

    Hornby train set (ready to run) at least 60 years old. Pack includes: Locomotive, power unit, brake van, steel wagon, goods wagon, 8ft of track.

    Let me know if anyone is interested.

  12. Brent Wilson says:

    I have a old Mars at least 40 years old still world track a little rusty model 50875 would like to sell to collector. I can be reached by e-mail. Thanks and a good day to all.

  13. Brent Wilson says:

    I have a old Marx train set model 50875 at least 40 years old like to sell. Smoke lights all works last time checked.Great condition track a little rusty. I can be reached by email @ bwbambam@aol.com

  14. Richard Moses says:

    I have lots of Lionel Trains, all boxed and stored, since I don’t have much space to display them. In the stuff stored, there are similar freight cars and locomotives to what is shown on this page. Most of what I have was made by Lionel back in the Late 20’s and early 30’s. I still have both 2-rail and 3-rail track for all of it.
    The structures, which came with those trains, have largely gone by the way side, and what is left, has largely gotten so dilapidated, that I would not use them on a layout.
    I also have S scale, HO scale, and TT scale, and N scale; in cars, loco, track, power systems; with every thing still in storage.
    Most of what I have in storage came from buying estates, and then auctioning off what I didn’t want, and storing what I did want.
    Some I bought, and some I got as a kid for Xmas. And some I found at Flea Markets, Train Shows, or found at Garage or Yard sales.
    And I still go looking for trains, track, and structures every weekend; plus I go to hobby shows and train swap meets.
    Some one, one day, will get every thing I got. Not sure who, but who gets it will have the time of their life.
    I even have some bench work in storage, with sections already built up and scenery, track, buildings added, and every thing wired.

  15. Fiona says:

    I have a circa 45 year old Hornby train set (ready to run, many parts in original boxes). Pack includes: three locomotives (steam industrial ‘Polly -9’; steam ‘Britannia’ with Crew; diesel electric Co-Co English type 3; two power units (Westminster & Barclay), 3 Pullman passenger (1st class, 2nd coach); three wagons (Murgatroyds’ Bogie Chlorine Tank; CGTX-20044 CN; Cable Drum), six vans (B.R. Ventilated Van (4); Utility Van with 12 opening doors; W.R. Brake van), three Lineside Huts; two Station Sets; four Buffer Stops; Track Level Crossing; Trackside Fencing; several feet of various super 4 track; two catelogs (Tri-ang/Hornby Model Railways 12th & 16th Edition), Track Plans Book for Super 4 Track, and even the Shell Lubricating Oil, Specially for Tri-ang Trains (5cc glass jar, cork lid)!

    Please let me know if anyone is interested. It would make a wonderful Christmas present!

  16. Jay says:

    I have been a collector of model trains for over 30 years, and things in the toy/collecting world have changed drastically over the years. I say this because of the Internet, and online auction sites. I have bought toy & trains at swap meets, garage sales, word of mouth & on line Ebay. Things that were hard to find, are much easier to come by, due to the internet. First of all, I use Ebay, and my experience, for my price guide. People ask me, what is this item worth? I tell them to look up closed sales on Ebay. Many times they have an old train, and they think it’s worth way more than it is, sometimes, its the other way around. I do buy collections, and I let the seller know up front, that for me to sell it, I usually have to restore and do repairs on it. Sure I will buy it for less than actual value, but it is lots of work to sell a collection. I get up at 5am, load up my car, and drive hundreds of miles to collector meets to display stuff, and it don’t usually sell at one meet. There are fees associated in all this, and gas and time. Even selling your collection on line take lots of time, and the fees can equal up to 15% of sale! So, you can sell the stuff yourself, and hope you are doing it right, or you need to find someone you can trust to give you a fair value for your stuff, that can be tough. An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay, that is the bottom line.

  17. theresa says:

    I have Athearn original cars and Locomotives in the box’s. Please E me if you are interested.

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