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Museum Sets Up Large Model Railroad Display

Inside the display are a miniature landscape of trees, buildings, people and trains. They represent the passion of Danny Bradley, whose boyhood love of model trains was rekindled in the years before his death in 2007.

His widow, Judy, of Grove, donated the set to the museum two summers ago. For the past 11 months, museum worker Robert Parris has been helping restore the display to its former glory.

“His layouts were just painstakingly, tremendously well-done because that’s all he had to do” Parris said. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Eliminate Model Train Derailments

Are you frustrated because your model trains derail from time to time?

This was a major frustration for me. I would fix one section of the track and the next day the train would derail on another section.

It frustrated me to the point of wanting to give the hobby away..! Continue reading

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The Fat Finger Syndrome With Model Trains

A reader emailed asking how they could get past the fat finger syndrome… when trying to hold and work on their model train models… Continue reading

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A Good Quality Locomotive Makes All The Difference

A good quality locomotive will make all the difference… it can be very frustrating having a locomotive that you need to push to get going, or it suddenly speeds up and falls off the tracks.

A locomotive runs by picking up the electricity from the track through its wheels. The wheels transfer the electricity to the motor, which then turns the gears to drive the locomotive… Continue reading

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